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Super Mario Bros Games Unblocked. You can find tetris battle play all of the best Super Mario Games here! Nintendo 64, GBA, SNES, NES even Sega Genesis Port Mario Games... All the games are unblocked and ready to play! LEGO® Harry Potter™ gift with purchase over $100.*Learn more How To Play Flash Games For posterity, it’s time for some of Mario's lesser-known appearances to get another shot. Most of us never had the chance to experience Mario at his worst, and that’s an absolute shame. I want to see horrible Mario games, and I want to see them on the Switch! That being said, the Virtual Boy's Mario Clash--a 3D reimagining of the original Mario Bros. game might actually be decent to play. For the sake of Mario's history, and the greater purpose of games preservation, these lesser-known games should see another release, and the Switch would be a great way to experience some of Mario's more bizarre detours. -- Dave Klein, Video Producer